Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Netherlands summer 2017: Geese

It became cold. That is not a bad thing for birding in winter. But my body isn't used to these temperatures yet. I feel more comfortable at home, tidying up old files, like these summer photos.

In Isahaya birders stopped for just one bird, in the Netherlands they run away. Geese are everywhere and there are way too many! There are about 9 kinds, here are just the 3 most common:

 Barnacle Goose (Brandgans)

In city parks Egyptian Goose (Nijlgans)

 Greylag Goose (Grauwe Gans)

Not to forget the domestic ones and the hybrids!

Of course there are swans as well. Most common: Mute Swan (Knobbelzwaan)

in the canals

in the cities

in the nature reserves, too

With a young Spoonbill on the left

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