Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Netherlands summer 2017: Riet putten

On to the clay grounds, the last post of birds in the reed fields and this is what I was after:

Bearded Reedling (Baardman)

I had never seen these birds and I was not leaving without at least a glimpse. The timing was absolutely wrong - the birds stay down, close to the ground in summer - but look what I got: a juvenile male! (I'm so proud)

Not the spectacularly marked adult male, have to back for that one day.

Other birds there were the Bluethroat (Blauwborst) 

Many Sedge Warblers (Rietzangers) Note the dark eyeline

 2  European Reed Warblers (Kleine Karekieten)

1 Marsh Wardbler (Bosrietzanger)  Doesn't have yellow coloring on inside of feet

1 Chiffchaff (Tjiftjaf)

Pfff, difficult.

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