Saturday, November 30, 2013

Doi Inthanon and Chang Mai, Thailand 2013, part 4

Back for lunch and a stroll around a village garden with some flowering cherry trees.

Brown Shrike

male Fire-breasted Flowerpecker

male Black-throated Sunbird

Pied Bushchat

Grey Wagtail

Long-tailed Shrike


On another side of the mountain and much higher again:  Mrs Gould's Sunbird

There were more cherry trees blossoming a little early in the season at a place called the Orchid Station. From here we could see the summit of Doi Inthanon and I estimate the elevation at something like 2200m. Several of these colorful male sunbirds were frequenting the trees.

Female sunbirds are mostly dull green and sometimes hard to identify as a first-time visiting birder

On the way down we saw the Streaked Spiderhunter, who's call we'd heard at various locations.
The very long bill and clear markings make this bird a spectacular sight.

White Wagtail

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