Sunday, October 23, 2016

Holland 2016 - 10 Konik horses

View of nature reserve the Blauwe Kamer, where wild Konik horses and cows roam free.
(Not the 5 in the foreground)

Every visit to the Netherlands I go looking for these wild horses in the reserve along the river Rijn. The first days they stayed out sight. I had a brief glimpse of them at a pond far away through my binoculars and thought that would be it. But then, at last I got lucky. The whole herd (50 or 60) came running towards the small grove were birders are allowed to go in order to watch a colony of herons and spoonbills from a hide. I watched the Koniks galloping by and eventually I got closed in by a curious group who wondered if my bag, shoes and tripod were edible... !!!

While I am trying to work my way back...

The young yearlings seem least shy and determined to sort me out.

Ho ho ho, what's happening!?!

 This little foal was about to walk towards me but protective elders prevented it gently. 
I was quite touched.

The horses share this area with Galloway cattle. The enormous cows are semi wild, meaning they are not domesticated to produce milk or beef, but graze the land and live a life of freedom. Lucky B...s

Disturbed in their midday dreams they moved out of the way of the excited horses and thus blocked my only way back - via the boardwalk. I had to pack up my stuff and wade through the water.

Below the Spoonbill colony. A bit too far for my travel gear

some too far, others too close for my liking

Not the kind of animal you easily brush off and
Yes, that's supposed to be my walkway out.
 Pffffff I won't forget this day in July 2016

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