Friday, May 4, 2012

Guandu again, トキ

When I returned the next day the rain had stopped. I could now enter the nature center and I was quite impressed with the set-up. Bird-watching shelters on every corner, with mosquito screens and even a swivel stand for scopes and cameras. In the main building there were several strong scopes set up and assistance from knowledgeable staff was available. There were drinks in a cafeteria and souvenirs in a shop that sold things from T-shirts to guide books, binoculars and outdoor clothing. Eco-tourism is doing well!

Sacred Ibis   in the field, トキ

Mynas and Starlings were well represented

Javan Myna:


picking insects between the hairs of cattle

Black-collared Starling nesting pair:


 in the far distance, a Taiwan endemic subspecies Crested Myna:

Finally some decent pics of the 
 Taiwan (or Mueller's) Barbet


A young bird, maybe Chinese Grey Shrike?

I had not brought a macro lense, but could not resist this dragonfly.

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